ohhhh yessss. flick us an email.

do you sell vouchers?
yes, just pop into the restaurant and we will get you sorted. 

do you have highchairs and a kids menu?

what’s the largest booking you take?
60 people.

can we book a table in the lane or outside?
no. these are treated on a first in first served basis.

do we have to have a booking to come?
not at all, we have some space at the bar and in the laneway that we never book out. these spaces turn over pretty frequently so its totally up to you.
EXCEPT for Sunday Supper Club. you HAVE to book for this.

do you provide gluten free / dairy free meals?
yes - lots, but we don't mention this on our menus. if you have any questions just let us know when your dining or send through an email. the team are more than willing to make it work for you.

can we bring our own cake?
sure! we have a $5 pp plating fee and will chuck a candle in it, cut it, and put it on plates. we can even make you one starting at $75, just let us know.

where should I park?
we would suggest parking under sky city as its close, covered and affordable